What make us different

We want our customers achieve full compliance with their objectives, so that our cooperation will be useful, profitable and constructive. We are fully geared to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and create value

For this reason and as a fundamental part of a carefully studied work methodology, all our projects are implemented effectively based on the OV management system projects.

Nuestros servicios

Project Planning

Planning an aquaculture operation and maneuvers is not a simple process, requiring the execution of an important technical analysis between several people with knowledge of the industry to achieve the best project planning.
The experts of the technical team of OV Group will provide technical consulting services that allow right-sizing of their future installation

Financial calculations

The budget means planning future capacity to be installed in your installations that will enable production to achieve its objectives by ensuring an adequate financial control.
The inclusion of our technical advice in your budget will help you identify potential restrictions on its operations

Technical solutions

OV always works with standard solutions, however if your process requires an ad hoc project their requirements be taken into account always providing the best technical solution. OV Softech both our range and in the range OV Hardtech

Installtion execution

Quick fixes are preferred for anyone wanting to build an industry. But industrialization and implementation of a project is not always easy. Technical and consulting OV technical team in the launch phase of the production accessory is key to preventing future problems and extra costs

Service & Support

Our equipment works for years in all kinds of extreme marine environments. Our technical support service hoards years experience in maintenance in all conditions

Technical formation

Knowledge is an important part of a successful installation of aquaculture production. Adequate training to their personnel is necessary for the proper use of the facility

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