About Ocean Vision Group

Ocean Vision Group is a Spanish company  whose mail objetive is to offer a profesional service to the global sector from Aquaculture and Marines. The company is oriented to the desing, production, distribution, sale and installation of equipment and technology used in the marine enviroment, fisheries and aquacultur.

The company’s is divided into two business areas: OV HARDTECH y OV SOFTECH

OV HARDTECH specializes in the production of structural elements and industry support such as are boats, floating buoys, monitoring systems, floating structures and machinery.

OV SOFTECH focuses on manufacturing products that allow the industry to optimize and control the production and environmental, such as power systems, underwater sensors, cameras, estimating biomass systems, lighting systems, networks and systems cleaning cycle  and Ad hoc software systems.

Our goal is to offer products that fit the customer needs of the aquaculture sector, with a strong specialization in the manufacture of parameterization and control of the marine environment.

OV has a commitment to total quality in all areas of the company, providing its processes, products and services a satisfaction guarantee to our customers.


Excellence in customer relations

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